In Earn to Die 2, the player gets to be the survivor of a zombie infestation. After hearing from the military that there's a safe, bloodthirsty creature-free city, the protagonist immediately heads for a ship that will take him there. But life isn't that easy and the road to his cherished goal is blocked by hordes of the walking dead. With a pair of machine guns attached to his car, the hero sets off to crush the zombies. Be careful, your car can break down, so be vigilant and use your head. Modify it beyond recognition and make it a real mobile fortress. Game features: -10 unique vehicles, including a police car, ice cream truck, fire truck; -Huge number of modifications (engine, tank, wheels, armour, weapons, etc.); -levels with many paths and forks; -Nice cartoon graphics; Earn to Die 2 on Android is an exciting race that will appeal to fans of zombies, cars and huge guns. The drawn graphics, carefully designed locations and appropriate music perfectly convey the atmosphere of the game. So, what are you waiting for, the ship is waiting!